Datasets to share

Will Hanley

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

I’m committed to data sharing and reuse. The data listed below is the product of transformations I’ve done myself, using various tools: OpenRefine, especially, but also regex editing in batches.

I’ve tried to post descriptions, changelogs, and data dictionaries in the github repositories. I’m getting better at doing this work systematically, but it’s a hard habit to establish. I’m also trying to post releases via Zenodo, so that each data repository has a DOI.

The material is in a variety of formats: mostly plain text (csv, tsv), some XML, some Turtle (.ttl) for RDF use, and some OpenRefine projects.

Quantity and Quality are shorthand fields meant to offer a quick sense of each dataset. Quantity is number of records or, in the case of tabular datsets, rows x columns. Quality is graded A-D, and refers to the amount of ordering, checking, cleaning, parsing, and enrichment that I’ve achieved. In other words, it’s a measure of my confidence that the data I present represents the content of the original analogue sources.

Person Names (Egypt)

doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4628298

Name Year(s) Format(s) Quantity Quality Link Source
British Subjects in Alexandria 1888 csv, ttl 1084 x 16 A github directory National Archives of the United Kingdom, FO 881/5968
Indicateur Egyptien 1897 csv 6200 x 25 A github directory Poffandi, Stefano G., ed. 1897 Indicateur Égyptien Administratif et Commercial. 11th ed. (Alexandria: Imprimerie Générale, 1896)
Tunisians in Egypt 1881-4 csv, tsv, ttl 303 x 52 A github directory Filib Jallad, Qamus al-idarah wa-al-qadaʾ, 3rd ed. (Cairo: Matbaʿat Dar al-Kutub wa-al-Wathaʾiq al-Qawmiyah, 2003), 2:296–300; Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes - Fonds Alexandrie: Recensement—Tunisiens 69/69–73.

Ottoman Placenames

doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4660215

Name Year(s) Format(s) Quantity Quality Link Source
Ottoman administrative divisions 13th-20th centuries tsv, ttl 11989 x 25 A tsv, ttl, data dictionary Tahir Sezen’s Osmanlı Yer Adları
Ottoman place names 1530 tsv 121080 x 13 C github directory to be supplied
Ontology 13th - 20th centuries ttl 7 C github directory me

Egypt historical data

doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4660261

Name Year(s) Format(s) Quantity Quality Link Source
Census tables, Alexandria 1897, 1907, 1917 csv B github directory originals

to come:

  • Alexandria export data|1905
  • Italian indemnities|1882|
  • Tribunaux mixtes personnel|

International Law Journals

doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4660225

Name Year(s) Format(s) Quantity Quality Link Source
Bulletin de la Société de législation comparée 1869-1939 TEI-XML 404 issues C github directory various facsimiles
Journal du droit international privé et de la jurisprudence comparée (Clunet) 1874-1939 TEI-XML 324 issues C github directory various facsimiles
Revue de droit international et de législation comparée 1869-1939 TEI-XML 65 volumes C- github directory various facsimiles